Special Events

St. Stephen’s Preschool hosts a variety of special events to give parents enhanced access to their children’s preschool and to provide the children with opportunities to celebrate and share their preschool experiences with their families.

Parent-Only Activities

  • Evening Orientation for parents prior to the start of school
  • Daytime meeting for parents the second or third week of school
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences


Activities with Children

  • Meet the Teacher Day for all students and parents prior to the start of school
  • Field Trips for Pre-K students
  • Halloween Parade for 3-Year-Olds & Pre-K
  • Christmas Celebration in the 2-Year-Old Classroom
  • Christmas Program for 3-Year-Olds & Pre-K
  • Open House
  • Mother’s Day Celebrations
  • Dad’s Night
  • Graduation for Pre-K